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What does Sloan do for you?


When you staff your company with the best talent in the market you can then build superior leadership teams that both enable greater profitability and create a sustainable competitive advantage.


When you have the best minds working for you, then you can produce the best products and services in the market. Sloan helps you acquire the best minds in the market.


It's cheaper retaining Sloan to change your workforce than having your executives and human resource staff spend their time and your money doing it. We do this every day so we are fast and efficient, we have the right resources, and we know the methods for getting the people our client needs.

It’s never just about hiring an employee or two. It’s about improving the human capital of the company to maximize efficiency, retention & profit.


Understand the Situation

Meeting key stakeholders pertaining to the executive search is first and foremost. This helps us better understand the executives involved and each one’s personal & professional needs.

Understand the Culture

Learning the culture of your company is very important. It makes the candidate screening process much faster, more efficient, and produces a more accurate candidate pool. When at all possible, we like to work for a day in your office. Working in your office allows us to get the “feel” of the environment and better understand the culture. This produces the Position Profile.

Define the Position

Defining the position is as important to the executive team as it is to the candidates being hired. It gives management something tangible to challenge and critique for alignment with their needs.

Evaluate Potential Candidates

Evaluating potential candidates involves skills evaluation through interviews, testing and reference checks. Further, utilizing the Position Profile for culture evaluating & matching are key. This produces the Candidate Profile.

Present Candidate Profiles

Candidate Profiles, verses candidate resumes, makes your life easier. The Candidate Profile is a mixture of a resume, culture evaluation, prior company synopsis, salary evaluation, and a skills match all-in-one. Every profile will also contain a PROS and CONS section containing the recruiter’s professional opinion regarding the candidate’s match.

Manage Interviews

Minimal disruption to your day is first and foremost a money saver. We know this! We organize & manage the interview process so well that your normal business isn’t disrupted and you’ll only get the candidate exposure needed to make decisions easily.

Appraise References

Once there is mutual interest between you and the candidate, then we reach out selectively to current and former superiors, subordinates and peers to assess the candidate’s executive experience and track record for success. We also verify degrees, certifications and licenses. This produces the Candidate Reference Report.

Simplify an Offer and Acceptance

We use our experience to keep the offer and acceptance straightforward and we facilitate clear communication between everyone. This simplifies the process for you.

Achieve Great Transitions

Our work is not finished when the offer is accepted. We have over a decade of experience with counter offers, giving proper departure notices, ending the candidate’s search process, encouraging transition & culture adaptation training, and smoothing transitions. You do not get this consultative aspect if you’re hiring on your own or from your human resources department.