Who We Are
Sloan Professional Services is a group of entrepreneurs from various areas of industry that work together to solve the problems of small businesses. The executives are primarily New York City professionals experienced in public accounting, technology, e-commerce, web design & development, executive search, staffing management, public relations, marketing, sales and business analysis. Its focus is on identifying problems, implementing solutions, testing, and leaving with autonomous systems in place. The goal is to get in and out as fast as possible.

What We Do
Sloan Professional Services provides all types of business services for the small to medium sized business. Sloan’s services are built around the daily needs of the thriving business owner. We allow the business owner to focus on what they’re great at doing and we take everything else.

In 2004, Brett successfully started Sloan Professional Services in New York City. He built its client base from scratch through networking at the finest galleries, the best industry functions, and taking great care of all his clients’ needs. Some of the brightest and biggest business leaders in the world have trusted Sloan to staff their entire office with the best talent possible.

Brett’s experience started as a Deputy Sheriff in Florida. Here he excelled up the ranks as a drug interdiction officer and as a street gang investigator. After studying at Stetson University and abroad at the University of Innsbruck in Austria, Brett obtained a masters and bachelor degree in accounting. These academics paved the way for 3.5 years as a CPA Auditor with BDO Seidman. Finally, after two years as an Executive Recruiter, Staffing Manager and Recruiting Manager in Atlanta, Brett started Sloan Professional Services in New York City.

Brett’s diverse experience is utilized to find the best staff in the workforce for his clients. Brett’s professionalism has always impressed the top executives in any company with which he works. Further, because of his desire to “give back” he teaches and trains candidates how to navigate their job search. Brett has placed over 1,000 candidates into positions.